Jimmy Flynn, American patriotic singer/songwriter live performance  www.JimmyFlynn.netHello everyone and welcome to my Website!  My name is Jimmy Flynn and I am a Christian and patriotic singer, songwriter, composer, musician, dance instructor, and DJ (Disc Jockey) from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I currently have five (5) projects involving original songs.  

The first project is "My America" which will be a triple CD set containing forty (40) original, patriotic songs. Fourteen (14) are available now for previewing and downloading on the SONGS page. For the past seven years, I have dedicated my life to writing and recording these songs of and about America, American veterans, current military personnel, the troops, our flag "Old Glory," American patriotism, prayers for peace and safekeeping, etc. Click here to see Music Videos of my songs.

shag dancers  www.JimmyFlynn.netThe first song you will hear is my newest release entitled, "Dance the USA". This is an  sparkling US flaguptempo, patriotic line dance song for which I've also created the choreography. I know there are many  line dance enthusiasts who are also very patriotic, so get up on your feet 'cause this is the one for you!
Click here to see the instructional video of how to dance my original patriotic line dance, "The USA".  Also on YouTube. Downloadable. In addition, click HERE for information on booking private swing dance lessons from me, specializing in CAROLINA SHAG!


I've recently added my newest song "This Is The Country I Love" which is a patriotic, Doo-Wop song, Doo-Wop2combining my love of country with my love of the Doo-Wop style. This song is dedicated to all veterans of the Vietnam War era who, like me, are all Baby-Boomers and thus grew up listening to early Rock-n-Roll and Doo-Wop. Click here to download "This Is The Country I Love" from the "My America, Vol.1" CD. Please click
here to rate the song on my "Rate-a-Song" page.

In God We Trust
The fifth song you will hear is, "I'm On My Knees Today (A Soldier's Parent's Prayer)". This prayer is sung from the perspective of an American parent whose son in the Armed Forces is leaving for war. To date, it is the least orchestrated of all my songs, but I think it is the most appropriate rendition. My heart goes out to all parents of current military personnel. Their worry and anxiety must be overwhelming. This song is as much a tribute to them as it is a prayer for their child's safekeeping and worldwide peace. Downloadable.
          Thank You   
          Jimmy Flynn thanking Vietnam veteran Jerry Simpson  www.JimmyFlynn.net

Teach Our Children "If  You Love Your Freedom, Thank A Vet" is one of two songs of "Thanks". It is the first of my "bumper sticker" songs. One day I saw a bumper sticker which read,  "If You Love Your Freedom, Thank A Vet".  I immediately went home and started composing this song. It  expresses two sentiments: First, take the time to thank a veteran for his/her service to this country. Second, teach that lesson to our children. Downloadable, although this is not the final version of the song.

     Two soldiers in Iraq
Sparkling U.S.A. flagThe second  song you will hear is "We Give Our Thanks To You." Downloadable. This is a ballad which simply says, "Thank You" to the troops, our brave and wonderful men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces. This song is not quite finished, but I wanted to post it on this website in time for the holiday season. After all, what better time to tell ..."You who serve with pride, saluting side by side our flag red, white and blue..." how much all America appreciates what you are doing to defend this country and freedom loving people everywhere. God bless you and keep you safe always!    To view a live performance of this song, 
click here.

Jimmy Flynn, American patriotic singer/songwriter song logo  www.JimmyFlynn.netMy first song from that album  is "My America, I Love You " which is sung from the perspective of an American soldier, killed in action. He is singing from heaven, professing his continued love and patriotism for his beloved America. To see a live performance of this song, click here. This is a perfect Memorial Day song. Downloadable.

A song you'll hear from the same album is "Cheer For America", an upbeat, fun sing-along. Downloadable.

The most orchestrated of my patriotic songs to date is another ballad entitled, "I Truly Love America." I submitted this song to the TV show, American Idol, for their 2007 song writing contest. Downloadable. 

          Arlington National Cemetery 
Waving U.S.A. flag on flagpoleAnother patriotic song which you'll hear is "Soldier, Good-bye."  This is a memorial song in tribute to a fallen soldier, offering a message of respect, consolation, peace and immortality in heaven, his new home. It is appropriate for memorial services, funerals, Memorial Day, Veterans day and any occasion honoring our fallen heroes. The song "Taps" is blended into this song.This is a perfect Memorial Day song. It is also a perfect song to be sung at a military funeral.  To see a music video of "Soldier, Good-bye", click here.  Downloadable. 

The last of the patriotic songs to date is "America-Home, Sweet Home". This is a "national anthem " type song in the traditional style of a "God Bless America" and "America the Beautiful". Downloadable. 


American children and Flag

UPDATED! Fourteen
 (14) of the patriotic songs you hear on this website are now available on a CD entitled Selected Songs From "My America, Vol.1."
Click here for details.



Jesus welcomes at the pearly gates of heaven The second project is my "OUR HEAVENLY HOME" CD which is a compilation of original songs referencing heaven, including several from the perspective of loved ones who are now in heaven and singing their love, encouragement and advice back to us on earth. The first few songs are "At Christmas Time This Year", "Heaven Is Waiting For You", "What Would Dad Want Me To Do?", "Today Is Your Birthday" and "My America, I Love You". Go to the "SONGS"page or the "CHRISTIAN" page to listen and download.

         stars and stripes across border

Shag Dancers  www.JimmyFlynn.net
My third project comprises original dance songs, both fast swing songs, as well as slow ballads. The CD is entitled, "Dance & Romance"and will feature many original beach music and Carolina shag dance songs. My first such song is "We Fell In Love Down At SOS". This CD will also include some non-original tunes, such as "The Nearness of You".  Go to the DANCE & ROMANCE page to listen and download.


Cleveland Sports Songs logo for Jimmy Flynn, singer/songwriter  www.JimmyFlynn.net
My fourth project is my Cleveland Sports Songs CD, featuring songs about the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Cleveland Indians. Four songs about the Cleveland Browns were recorded by my band Breezin' back in the late 1980's and sold on cassette tape throughout Northeast Ohio. Breezin' consisted of Jimmy Flynn, Jim Tortorici and Ron Katz. My original song "Cheer For The Cavaliers" is included. There will more songs in the future, including the Cleveland Indians, Ohio State, etc. In the meantime, you can listen/download five Cleveland Sports Songs now by clicking here, or purchase the CD by clicking here.  
Go Browns!........Go Cavs!........Go Tribe!......Go Bucs!

The fifth project is a CD or original Christmas songs, the first song of which will again be "At Christmas Time This Year."

And the last project will be a CD of original, fun children's songs.

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